ODI Longneck V2.1 Lock on Mountain Bike Grips

ODI Longneck V2.1 Lock on Mountain Bike Grips


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ODI's newly redesigned Longneck Lock-On v2.1 Grips bring a welcome facelift to an already iconic grip design. The new design utilizes the v2.1 Single-Clamp locking system, which delivers simple installation and 100% slip-free performance. The outer end of the grips have been designed to be easier on your hands with soft material around the entire end of the grip and are reinforced with more rigid plastic to prevent grip blowouts. The iconic rib pattern remains unchanged, with soft, flexible ribs providing excellent vibration-dampening and easy-to-grip comfort - with or without gloves.

Product Features

  • Legendary Longneck Rib Pattern
  • Exceptional Vibration Dampening and Cushion for longer Rides
  • Single Cla,p - Version 2.1 Lock-On System
  • Proprietary ODI Soft Compound Material
  • Hand Friendly Soft Ends - Reinforced for added Durability
  • E-Bike Compatible Design.