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INTENSE Headlight 900 Lumen


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Maintaining a compact form factor and easy USB charging. The INTENSE Headlight Recon 900 has improved visibility. Blaze a path through the night - with up to 900 lumens at your disposal, you'll see and be seen. A versatile silicone attachment loop makes it easy to mount this little bike light nearly anywhere—great all-around durability with aluminum casing. 


  • Five modes (Mid - 5 Hours, High - 2.5 Hours, Quick Flash - 4.5 Hours, Signal Flash - 5 Hours, Warning Flash - 5 Hours).
  • The 1-button interface is easy to use with or without gloves.
  • Easy USB charging means you no longer have to get by with "good enough" batteries.
  • The LED battery indicator lets you know when it's time to charge.
  • Tool-free strap mount attaches to your handlebars (22-35mm).
  • O-ring seal makes this light-ready for heavy rain - it's water resistant but not submersible. 
  • Weight - 162 grams.