The development of our new M1 downhill bike has been well documented. We’ve gone through the whole process of how and why we changed from a JS Tuned/VPP design to the 6-Link high pivot design that we have now. The suspension platform and the way it works is the key element to the overall bike feel and performance, but of course it is the geometry that is equally important. You can’t have one without the other. 
Some geometry choices can be very personal, you only have to look at the different front ends on one of our team race bikes? As with everything there has to be some kind of middle ground, a universal opinion that is formed and agreed on between our team riders, testers, designers and engineers. Each have valid input into what will and what won’t work. Partly based on hard facts, but also very much on feel and knowledge that has been built up over many years of riding and racing bikes. 
We are extremely lucky at INTENSE that we have our own in-house facility where we can quickly weld up test mules, allowing us to tweak, test and tweak again. With feedback from the race team and mechanics we have been able to hone the M1’s geometry to what we believe to be the correct set of ‘magic numbers’ to work perfectly with the suspension platform. 
We asked John Hall (above), INTENSE Technical Director and long time World Cup mechanic, to give us the low down on all the key numbers on the M1. 
“The 63º headangle brings a level of familiarity to the M1. It was chosen by our INTENSE Factory Racing athletes for its stability at speed and comfort on the steeps of downhill racing. Wrapped around that headangle is a full sized 56/56 headtube that gives you room to fine tune the reach to your personal liking (between 0 and 10mm). 
We have four sizes in the line up, from Small through to Extra Large, aimed at riders around 154cm to 197cm.  
WHEELBASE 1243mm 1263mm 1290mm 1310mm
TOPTUBE 593mm 613mm 637mm 662mm
CHAINSTAY 445mm 445mm 445mm 445mm
HEADTUBE LENGTH 100mm 100mm 115mm 115mm
HEADTUBE ANGLE 63° 63° 63° 63°
REACH 430mm 450mm 470mm 490mm
STACK 628mm 628mm 641mm 641mm
BB HEIGHT 355mm 355mm 355mm 355mm
BB DROP 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
SEATTUBE ANGLE (ACTUAL) 57° 57° 57° 57°
SEATTUBE LENGTH  405mm 405mm 440mm 440mm
812mm 814mm 821mm 822mm
FORK AXLE TO CROWN 605mm 605mm 605mm 605mm
With the M1’s slightly rearward axle path we've chosen a chainstay length of 445mm in order to strike the balance between being nimble for directional changes, yet stable and controlled while plowing through the rough stuff. 
Two shock positions give the rider a choice between progressive or linear positions so that they can pair their choice of an air or coil shock to a platform that gives them the best feel. As a bi-product of those positions there is also a slight change in travel. The linear position gives 202mm of travel that balances well with the 200mm travel that most downhill forks have. Or you can get 212mm out of the progressive position to give that little bit of extra cushioning.” 
For more info visit our M1 product page.