Have you ever thought about buying your own mountain and building your dream bike park on it? INTENSE team rider Oscar Härnström had that dream and with the help of many of his friends he has made it into a reality. By making Kisa Mtb Park he’s created a mountain bike paradise. 
‘THE HILL PROJECT’ is a beautiful film that follows Oscar on his journey, through life and death, love and passion. It’s beautifully filmed, with a perfect soundtrack, and it shows that with hard work dreams can come true. 
Here’s some further info from Oscar and his team: 
Oscar Härnström and Nicolas Hidalgo present THE HILL PROJECT, a story about a desolate hill, mountain biking, trail building and the endless possibilities that come with owning your own mountain. Breathtaking cinematography and a killer soundtrack. Filmed at Kisa Mtb Park in the south of Sweden. 
THE HILL PROJECT features Oscar Härnström, Hampus Quist, William Robert and Olivier Cuvet. This journey started in April 2021 by transforming this old ski hill into our own dream bike park. Since day one we have (almost) lived up on the mountain and everything has gone super fast. Today we offer six trails with endless and different line choices and side hits. 
Massive thanks to Dolce, Mia Maria Johansson, Kite, Småland and Petter for their music. A big thanks to Nicolas Hidalgo for your amazing work and to Hampus Quist, Beatrice Johansson, Hoshi Yoshida, William Robert, Olivier Cuvet, Ryszard Syryczynski, Peter Eriksson, Daniel Blondell and more for being part of this. 
We hope to see you in Kisa in the future. 
“Ride in peace Dad, we miss you!” Oscar Härnström