Photos: @haileyelisee

We love Canadian rider Claire Buchar. She’s been part of the INTENSE family since way back in 2007 when Jeff Steber (Founder and CEO) gave her a gold Socom frame.

A lot has changed since those early days but Claire’s passion and love for all things two wheels is as strong as ever and she’s just released her new film ‘The Chase’. It has beautiful cinematography from Ollie Jones, epic scenery and great riding.

Here’s some info to go with the film:

“As an early pioneer of Women’s Freeride and with a successful background in DH Racing, Claire has a solid set of skills on the bike. But these days, what fuels her fire is inspiring and mentoring the next generation of riders through her various roles in the bike industry and heading out into the wild to explore new routes, passes and valleys, with her like-minded adventure pals or just on her own.”

“As she’s moved away from any official competition, Claire considers herself more of a soul rider, really connecting with her surroundings in the moment and embracing the mental and physical challenges of a big day on the bike. These are the things that make her feel rewarded and alive. Either way, when it’s late fall in the Sea to Sky, it always feels like the changing season is chasing away that last bit of warmth, dirt and light…before it’s time to fully embrace the winter. The Chase…”

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