The INTENSE story is
one of passion, innovation, and creativity. It started in the early 1990’s when
Jeff Steber, INTENSE founder and CEO, left his hometown in Ohio and headed out
west to the big mountains to chase his Californian dream. Jeff is a designer,
artist and craftsman with a hands-on approach and drive to do and make things
better. From his early sculpted and welded aluminum full suspension mountain
bike frames, and the original M1, right through to today’s beautiful carbon
creations, INTENSE has always led the way. Read more about the history of
INTENSE at the Founder's Hub section.

In the USA, you can buy an INTENSE bike through an INTENSE dealer (visit our dealer locator page) or direct through our website.

The Retail and Service Centers hold a selection of bikes for you to check out and gather more information. We also have demo events through out the USA, Click here for our events page and Click here to find a store near you.

We aim to have the full range of sizes available for all models, but over the years we have found that certain bikes don’t work as well in certain sizes. Take our M29 downhill bike as an example. We don’t do a size Small version of the M29 bike/frame because we believe that the 29” wheels and this design wouldn’t work so well for someone under 164cm (5’ 4”).

Yes, returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery with some conditions attached. Please check the Exchanges and Returns section to get all the information about it.

Our frames are designed and prototyped in our US HQ in California. Each completed prototype is then handed over to our German engineering team who work hand in hand with our frame manufacturers in Taiwan and directly with INTENSE HQ. We use one of the most respected carbon frame manufacturers in the world. They help us create beautiful, strong, light and cutting edge frame designs.

Our frame-only kits come with a rear shock, rear axle, derailleur hanger and seatpost clamp.

The toolbox is only included when you buy a complete bike. The toolbox is delivered in the same bike box or separately, depending on the bike year.


Our Reatail & Service Centers network hold a vast range of spares for your bike, but replacement parts are also available for all current models and previous models on this website; please check the Replacement Parts section. If your bike is not listed or the desired part is not available, please email us at or chat with one of our experts on the chat box on the bottom right.

Yes. We no longer sell individual parts, only parts kits that contain
more than one item. If you do not need all of the items included in the kit you can save them as a spares.

Yes. Your bike is equipped with tubes, but the wheels and tires are Tubeless Ready. You will find a Tubeless kit (sealant and valves) inside the free toolbox included with every complete bike. Please watch our Tubeless Conversion Video for more detailed info.

We do not offer a custom build option. If you have a specific component build that you would like, then the best thing to do is to buy one of our framesets and build it up from there.

You can read all about the available payment methods in the Payment Options section.

Check your daily bank payment limitations before proceeding to ensure that your credit limit is enough to complete the order.

Yes, we provide easy and affordable financing, powered by Bread Pay, so you can pay for your purchase over time.Subject to approval of credit application. Bread Pay loans are made by Comenity Capital Bank, a Bread FinancialTM company.

A 'Pre Order' bike is a bike that is still under production in our factory. When you see a bike that is available for Pre Order you will also see an estimated date of arrival to our warehouse. If you Pre Order a bike, the date that is shown on the product page is when we will be able to start the shipping process. Full payment or Bread Financing is required when you Pre Order a bike.

Yes. Full payment is required to ensure the Pre Order bike is assigned to you.

If you want to cancel your order or Pre Order please contact us via phone (951) 307-9211, email us at or chat with us online.

If the bike you ordered is in stock (and you can add to the cart) delivery will be approx. 2 weeks. You will recive an email with tracking once the bike is on its way to you.


-5-year limited warranty on carbon frames (except Downhill)

-3-year limited warranty on XC/Trail/Enduro aluminum

-3-year limited warranty on carbon downhill frames

-2-year limited warranty on aluminum Downhill and Freeride frames

The serial number on your INTENSE frame is located on the front triangle on the back/underside of the bottom bracket. The serial number for the rear triangle is located on the forward facing surface of the cross brace. For more bike specific locations, please check the Where is my Serial Number? page.

The original owner must register their bike within 90-days after the purchase date. Registering your new INTENSE is quick and easy. Check the Register Your Bikesection, fill out the required fields and your registration will be complete.

Remember that registering your bike is mandatory before you start any Warranty or Crash Replacement claim. To start a Warranty or Crash Replacement claim please check the Submit a Claim section. INTENSE will, at its discretion, repair or replace any frame that it determines to be manufacturing defective during the warranty period. In order to exercise your right under the INTENSE Limited Warranty, the frameset must be presented to an authorized INTENSE dealer, INTENSE distributor or to INTENSE online staff at their request, together with the proof of purchase.

Yes. Please check the Submit a Claim section and then set up 'Crash Replacement' as the Claim Reason on the form. If a proof of purchase is required, just leave it in blank or attach an empty document.

If your INTENSE frame is damaged because of crash INTENSE  will make a replacement available, at a discounted charge. INTENSE does this at its sole discretion and reserves the right to refuse this offer where INTENSE has reason to believe the damage was caused by abuse, intentional harm, that the claim misrepresents the actual circumstances, or otherwise. In order to honor the replacement, the damaged frame must be returned to INTENSE prior to the replacement and becomes the property of INTENSE.

Front or rear triangle purchase is limited to existing INTENSE bike owners. To qualify for a Crash Replacement remember that registering your bike is mandatory before you start any Crash Replacement claim. To start a request please check the Submit a Claim section on the website and then set up 'Crash Replacement' as the Claim Reason in the form. If a proof of purchase is required and you are not the first owner, just leave it in blank or attach an empty document.

Components other than the INTENSE frame or INTENSE components, such as third-party handlebars, headsets, wheels, brakes, chains, cranks, pedals, gears, suspension components, derailleurs, seats, seat posts, bearings, etc., are warranted by INTENSE. Click here for our full disclaimer.

Sorry, no. We do not currently offer touch-up paint.

Repainted frames are not covered under the INTENSE warranty. However, they are still eligible for crash replacement pricing.


Yes. The user/owner’s manual for your specific model is located in the tool box shipped with your INTENSE bike or you can check the Bike Manuals section to download it. For model year 2022 onwards we will no longer be printing paper manuals. All manuals will be in a digital format only and will be available from the Bike Manuals section of the website.

As a responsible owner of a high-performance mountain bike, staying on a scheduled maintenance program is essential. Preventing problems from happening should be your number one priority to ensure the best performance, reliability, safety, and life out of your INTENSE mountain bike. For more information on correctly maintaining your bike, please check the Tech Tutorial Videos section, or contact us if you have a problem. If you do not have the appropriate knowledge or tools, we recommend you go to a professional bicycle workshop (find an INTENSE dealer here).

With the extensive variety of rim widths and tire dimensions on our bikes there is no way to accurately determine what your actual tire width will be with your model/component spec. A general rule of thumb is maximum of 2.4 for XC/Trail bikes, and 2.6 for Enduro/Downhill bikes. There are always exceptions to the rules.

Please refer to the User Manual that came with your bike, or check out the Bike Manuals section. If you need further information please Contact Us.

Please refer to the User Manual that came with your bike, or check out the Bike Manuals section. If you need further information please Contact Us.

The maximum length of your dropper post is based solely on the size of frame/bike that you have. All of our frames are capable of at least a 150mm of 'drop' on the post. Please refer to the User Manual that came with your bike, or check out the Bike Manuals section. If you need further information please Contact Us.

INTENSE recommends that your 'sag' be set at 30% for all XC/Trail/Enduro models and 35% for Downhill models. For a demonstration and more information, check out the Tech Tutorial Videos section.

The specific frame/bike weight will be listed on this website under each bike's individual product page. If it’s not still shown please Contact Us.

For specific spring rates, 'sag' measurements and suspension set up, please refer to the bike’s user manual. For a demonstration and more information, check out the Tech Videos section.

You should always do a post and pre-ride bike check, click here to see all of our tech videos. If while doing your pre-ride or post-ride inspection of your frame and all its components you see a dent, crack or surface imperfection, please Contact Us immediately before continuing riding.

As with any high-performance machine, torque settings (by how much you tighten nuts, bolts, and screws) are crucial to reliability and overall performance. You will find a torque wrench in the INTENSE toolbox supplied with your bike. The specific torque values are located on each nut, bolt, or screw on your bike, or you can find them in the Bike Manuals section for every model. Check the Tech Video section to know how to use your INTENSE torque wrench correctly.

We recommend that the seatpost be installed with a thin coating of waterproof carbon-specific grease. This is something that should be checked, cleaned, and reapplied quarterly.

All INTENSE mountain bikes featuring 142mm and boost 148 rear wheel spacing will fit the SRAM Eagle Drivetrain with the appropriate offset front chain ring. 6mm offset for non boost applications and 3mm offset for 148 boost applications.

For those bikers purchasing an INTENSE frame, the length of the chain will depend on the transmision you are planning to install. Please check the manufacturer’s manual to see the propper chain length needed.

A Grease Gun is a simple device that allows you to get grease directly into a bearing using a low pressure grease gun. This lubricates and helps protect the bearings. You can buy a grease gun from a bike shop or most hardware stores.


Your INTENSE Tazer features Shimano STEPS technology. In case you need to service or submit a warranty claim, you must do it through the authorized Shimano Service Center network. Click here to find your nearest Shimano Certified Service Center.

Shimano batteries have a 2 years warranty period. In case you need to service or submit a warranty claim, you must do it through the authorized Shimano Service Center network. Click here to find your nearest Shimano Certified Service Center.

A common mistake is trying to turn on your eBike whilst putting weight on the pedals (Error Code W013). Your eBike will not turn on properly like this. Always make sure that when you turn your eBike on that the bike is stationary, preferably on a level surface and that the pedals aren't touching anything. If the display shows a different Error Code please first reference this page to help resolve the problem.

Always check that your spoke magnet is in place. As you would imagine, the spoke magnet is a small round magnet that is attached to one of the spokes on your rear wheel. This works in conjunction with the Speed Sensor to send information to the motor. The bike will not work without the Spoke Magnet or if it is not aligned properly. It is a good idea to always carry a spare Spoke Magnet with you on rides. They are relatively cheap and are availble at all Shimano authorized bike shops and Service Centers.

Error Codes can appear for a number of reasons, sometimes it can just be a small issue, and other times something that a trained Shimano mechanic will need to take a look at. Check a list of the most common error codes here. Or find your nearest Shimano Service Center here.

This can be frustrating, and ruin a good ride. We always recommend that you carry a spare spoke magnet with you. Contact your nearest Shimano dealer for spares.

We use Shimano motors and batteries for two main reasons. Firstly their products are awesome, and secondly they have thousands of Shimano Service Centers located all around the world (and many more shops that carry their products). What this means is that if you ever have an issue with any Shimano product help and spares are not far away. Find your nearest Shimano Service Center here.

Yes you can. The great thing about our Tazer design is that the battery can be changed very quickly and easily. We use Shimano universal batteries, so spares are easy to find. Locate your nearest Shimano dealer here to buy extra batteries and spares. Find your nearest Shimano Service Center here.

Yes. Our Tazer eBike is designed to be ridden in all weather conditions, but we advise against submerging the motor or battery whilst riding.

As with all bikes jet washing can damage seals and blast away grease and lubricants. Our Tazer is fully sealed but jet washing can still be too aggressive. It is much better to use warm water, a detergent and a hosepipe with a gentle pressure.