INTENSE Europe Update: New Lineup of Euro Ambassadors

INTENSE Europe Update: New Lineup of Euro Ambassadors

We are stoked, pumped and amped to be able to introduce our line up of 2021 INTENSE Europe Ambassadors… and what a crew they are.

For well over 25 years we have supported and sponsored riders and racers, and we are happy to continue that tradition. Twelve riders, from seven different countries, riding a mix of disciplines, from different backgrounds, with various styles and goals. From 13 year-old Billy Pugh right through to legends of the race scene like Petra Bernhard and Andrew Titley, it’s a great mix. And one thing they all have in common? A love for mountain biking and all things INTENSE.


Some of you may remember Petra as a World Cup racer from back in the 2000’s on the MS INTENSE team. She has been Austrian National DH Champ 10 times and Enduro Champ twice.

Julian is one of our downhill racers who is looking to attack the World Cup series this year, aiming to be the fastest German on the hill.

Francesco is well known on both the World Cup and EWS circuit, and is a 2x Italian DH Champion and the 2013 European DH Champ. He’ll be racing both DH and Enduro this year.

Motivated, driven and the happiest guy out there… that’s Mariano. The current Spanish Enduro National Champion, he will be racing his first EWS season this year.

And the last of the Spaniards is content creator Luca Leonardi. His racing career goes way back to the late 1990’s, at a time when legends of the sport were being created. He knows the sport inside out.

And what would it be a team without a freerider? Kylian is from France and is not afraid of ‘going large’ or seeing the world upside down when throwing down massive backflips.

The UK side of the team is composed of four riders. Andrew Titley is truly a legend of the UK scene. He started racing DH way, way back (even before Steve Peat), and has been an integral part of the scene for over 30 years. His roots run deep.

Billy is the youngest of the whole group but don’t let his age fool you, he has a real raw talent and is anxious to show it off to the world.

Jordan is our motocross guy and eBike rider. He’s fast on a moto... really fast, and isn’t afraid of laying-down massive scrubs on his Tazer when the mood takes him.

Tommy, our XC guy. He’ll be racing the UK Nationals series, with his goal to make it onto the World Cup circuit sometime in the near future.

And last is the awesome Oscar Härnström. Ex-DH World Cup racer, now freerider (free–racer!) and content maker. Oscar is one of the coolest cats out there.

The ‘man with the plan’, is Bernat Guardia, ex-DH World Cup racer, and long time INTENSE rider and ambassador. Bernat is in charge of the program and is super happy with the variety of riders, with their different nationalities and styles. We can’t wait to see what 2021 delivers for everyone.

At INTENSE we love to support passionate bike riders. All of the people here inspire us with their drive, commitment, talent and all-round positive energy. We are proud of this group of riders and that they will be representing INTENSE all over Europe.

We’ll be following all of our ambassadors over the year, bringing you stories from the races and events, as well as trips and adventures, bike checks and much more.