Maxima High Temp Waterproof Grease 16oz

Maxima High Temp Waterproof Grease 16oz


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High performance Lithium complex grease that excels in a multitude of conditions, from light duty chassis applications to extreme conditions such as wheel bearings. Formulated with a high dropping point and a robust antioxidant system, the NLGI Grade 2 grease remains stable and effective at extreme temperatures. The Lithium complex thickener and high-quality base oils combine with an advanced additive package to ensure excellent protection against wear, water washout, corrosion and oxidation.


* Superior protection across a wide range of temperatures and applications
* Resistance to high temperatures and water washout ensures long-lasting protection
* High film strength provides excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure performance
* Resistance to salt water corrosion makes ideal for use in marine applications
* Meets NLGI Certification GC-LB

The Official Lubricant of INTENSE.