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Shimano STEPS Integrated Type Battery for Down Tube (630 Wh)


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The second generation large capacity 630 Wh integrated down tube battery is ideal for those who like to ride longer between charges. It features a compact design and a low center of gravity. 


  • Capacity: 630 Wh (36 V, 17.5 Ah).
  • Fully charge in 6 hours with an EC-8004 charger.
  • Temperature: 0°C - 40°C (charging) -10 °C - 50°C (operating).
  • A long-lasting battery retains more than 60% of its initial maximum capacity after 1,000 full charges.
  • Compatible with Shimano STEPS second-generation integrated down tube battery mount. 
  • Durable construction with OPX5 second-generation integrated down tube battery mount. 
  • Supports sleek frame design
  • Same mount as BT-EN805 and BT-EN805-L
  • Same appearance as BT-EN805-L

This eBike battery contains lithium-ion cells, classified as hazardous materials (hazmat) due to their chemical nature and potential risks during transportation. In accordance with shipping regulations, this product can not be returned to the sender. You acknowledge and agree to these hazmat shipping and handling protocols by purchasing this battery. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please check out the "Hazmat Disclaimer for eBike Batteries" on our FAQ page.