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  • We LOVED this bike [Carbine 29]. It’s among the few that I’d personally buy.

    Brandon Turman, VitalMTB.com
  • This bike simply makes me feel like a better, more confident rider, and that’s about the best we can hope for from a bike.

    Justin Steiner, Dirt Rag
  • The M9 FRO has what it takes to shrug off all doubts and excuses for not making the podium.

    Fraser Britton, PinkBike
  • ut_quote_alt author=”Matt Thompson, VitalMTB.com”] The bike rolled faster and over obstacles better than most, pedaled great, and was super stable all without compromising excellent cornering capabilities and playfulness. [/ut_quote_alt] [/ut_quote_alt] ut_quote_alt author=”Mountain Bike Action”] We’ve sifted through a mountain of 29er full-suspension trailbikes, and while many of them had traits we loved, most of them also had flaws we deemed incurable without either downsizing the wheel size or travel. The Spider has broken this paradigm. Intense has done an excellent job building a nimble 29er with enough travel to tackle tough trails with confidence. [/ut_quote_alt]

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