Upgrading to an Intense is now easier than ever.

Intense Rider Direct and the Intense Rider Direct Network, a new way of buying Intense bikes that provides the competitive pricing of a direct brand, with the level of service that only bike shops can deliver.   


  • More Buying Options: shop online or in-store.
  • New Website Features: to help you find the right bike.
  • Learn: watch tech tutorials to help you become a better rider and owner.
  • Watch: check out new features & benefits of each bike model to help decide which bike is best for you.
  • Upgrade: to world-cup winning designs and technology with the premium Intense Cycles brand.
  • Improved: customer service and the way we do business online.
  • Delivered: straight to your door if you order online.

The intense Rider Direct Model

It's a win-win for all: Riders, Dealers and Intense Cycles.

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