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All bikes come pre-built and tuned through Intense Cycles authorized mechanics and will arrive to you with minimum assembly. 

Included with each complete bike is an Intense Cycles branded torquewrench set and shock pump, precision tools to keep your new bike in peak performance. 



 TRAVEL (FRONT/REAR): 130mm/130mm
WHEEL SIZE: 27.5" / 650b
HT ANGLE: 67 ̊

422 mm/ 16.6" (Small)  // 445 mm/ 17.5" (Medium)  // 467mm / 18.4" (Large)  //  492mm / 19.4" (XL)


FRAME Hydroformed Alloy with Internal Dropper Posts Cable Routing and FLK - GRD Downtube and Chainstay Protection
FORK X-Fusion Sweep RL 27.5", 15mm Quick Release Axle
SHOCK X-Fusion 02 RL Air
WHEELS Sun Inferno 25, 27.5", Tubeless Ready
HUBS 32 Hole Intense Tuned, 6 Bolt
RIMS Sun Helix TR25 Rims, 275”, Tubeless Ready
TIRES Maxxis Ardent, 27.5"x2.25"
SHIFTERS Shimano SLX, 10-Speed
FRONT DERAILLEUR Shimano Deore, Double
CRANK Shimano SLX, 10-Speed
CASSETTE Shimano CS-HG50-10, 11-36 Tooth, 10-Speed
CHAIN Shimano 10-Speed
BOTTOM BRACKET Threaded 73mm
SADDLE  WTB Silverado Sport
SEATPOST Intense, 350mm
HANDLEBAR Intense Recon, 31.8 x 18 x 740mm
STEM Intense, 70mm
HEADSET TS Intense, includes 25mm of spacers
BRAKESET Shimano BL M506
GRIPS Intense Dual Lock-On

*Parts/Spec are subject to change without notice. 

Maximum Recommended Rider Weight 250lbs



GEOMETRY (mm/inch) 

SIZE  Small  Medium  Large  Extra Large 

375 mm/ 14.75"

445 mm/ 17.5"

483 mm/ 19"

514 mm/ 20.25"


572 mm/ 22.5"

597 mm/ 23.5"

622 mm/ 24.5"

648 mm/ 25.5"


579 mm/ 22.8"

591 mm / 23.25"

602 mm/ 23.7"

602 mm/ 23.7"


422 mm/ 16.6"

445 mm/ 17.5"

467 mm/ 18.4"

492 mm/ 19.4"


337 mm/ 13.25"

337 mm/ 13.25"

337 mm/ 13.25"

337 mm/ 13.25"



102 mm/ 4"

115 mm/ 4.5"

127 mm/ 5"

127 mm/ 5"

H: HEAD TUBE ANGLE  67.0 °  67.0 °  67.0 °  67.0 ° 
I: SEAT TUBE ANGLE  75.5 °  75.5 °  75.5 °  75.5 ° 

781 mm/ 30.76"

790 mm/ 31.1"

797 mm/ 31.38"

796 mm/ 31.33"


419 mm/ 16.5"

419 mm/ 16.5"

419 mm/ 16.5"

419 mm/ 16.5"


1125 mm/ 44.3" 

1152 mm/ 45.4"

1178 mm/ 46.4"

1203 mm/ 47.4"


  1. How long is the warranty period for my Intense?
    • 5-year limited warranty on carbon frames (except Downhill)
    • 3-year limited warranty on XC/Trail/Endurol aluminum and carbon Downhill frames
    • 2-year limited warranty on aluminum Downhill and Enduro frames
  2. What is the widest tire that will fit my bike?
    • With the wide variety of rim widths and tire dimensions,there is no way to accurately determine what your actual tire width will be with your component spec. A general rule of thumb is 2.4 for xc/trail (Primer, Spider and Recluse), 2.6 for enduro/downhill (Carbine, Tracer and M16), and 3.0 for plus tire (ACV) frame options.
  3. Is my frame compatible with Eagle?
    • All Intense mountain bikes featuring 142mm and boost 148 rear wheel spacing will fit SRAM Eagle Drivetrain with the appropriate offset front chain ring. 6mm offset for non boost applications and 3mm offset for 148 boost applications.
  4. What type of bottom bracket do I need for my bike?
    • Excluding our downhill bikes, all carbon frames Use a bb92 and has a 73mm BB shell width.
    • Excluding our downhill bikes, all alloy frames use a threaded bb and has a 73mm BB shell width.
    • All downhill bikes use a threaded bb and has a 83mm BB shell width.
  5. Where is my serial number located?
    • The serial number on your Intense frame is located on the front triangle on the back/underside of the bottom bracket. The serial number for the rear triangle is located on the forward facing surface of the cross brace. For more bike specific locations, click here.
  6. What are the shock size specs for my bike? ( Eye to Eye and Stroke) (Reducer Size)
    • If you have a question of shock hardware specs, please call or email into our customer service hotline. Info is located in the “service” tab. Otherwise please visit ROCK SHOX or FOX for specifications.
  7. What is the longest dropper post that will fit in my seat tube? (Maximum Insertion)
    • The maximum length of your dropper post is based solely on the size frame you are using and the lower tube length of the dropper post used. All of our frames are capable of at least a 150mm dropper post but are capable of running a dropper post with a lower tube length up to 225mm on a small and 260mm on medium, large and XL frames.
  8. How much sag should I run on my rear shock?
    • Intense recommends that your sag be set at 30% for all xc/trail/enduro models and 35% for the downhill models. For a demonstration and more information, check out the tech video ( Click Here).
  9. How much does a particular frame, or built model weigh?
    • The specific frame/bike weight will be listed on our website under your bikes product page. You can also see a chart with frame and bike weights here. (Please note that a variable of 100G should be given).
  10. Where can I purchase a particular part for my Intense?
    • Yes, small parts are available for all current and some previous models of bikes going back 3 years. You will find this tab on our website home page on the top OR click here to be directed to our small parts web store. If your model of bike is not listed on the website, please call into or email our customer service hotline here. Info for this is under the “Support” tab on the home page.
  11. Is there touch up paint available for my bike?
    • No, currently there is not touch up paint option available yet. This is still under development.
  12. Can I use an Angle set headset for my bike?
    • Yes, all our external headset cup frames are capable of running an angle set headset. Although with most of our bikes and our JS-Tuned geometry, typically the bikes geometry are matched with our component spec to make that particular bike perform at its best for its intended use.
  13. What is the recommended spring rate for my bike and body weight?
    • For specific sag measurements and suspension set up, please refer to the user manual for your model of bike. Or, click here to see the tech video demonstration.
  14. How can I register my bike?
    • Registering your new intense is quick and easy. From our home page, click on the “service” tab. Then select “register your ride”, fill out the required fields and your registration will be complete. Click on this register my bike link.
  15. Can I purchase parts directly through you?
    • Yes, small parts are available for all current and some previous models of bikes going back 3 years. You will find this tab on our website home page on the top. If your model of bike is not listed on the website, please call into or email our customer service hotline. Info for this is on the “service” tab on the home page.
  16. I am the second owner of my bike, Do I still have a warranty?
    • Intense promises that new Intense frames will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This limited warranty applies to the original owner only and is nontransferable. The original owner must register his purchase within 90 days on the Intense website Register My Bike. Intense will, at its discretion, repair or replace any frame that it determines to be manufacturing defective during the warranty period. In order to exercise your right under the Intense Cycles Limited Warranty, the frameset must be presented to an authorized Intense dealer, Intense distributor or to Intense Cycles, Inc., together with the proof of purchase.
  17. Can I ride my bike if I see a crack/dent on the frame?
    • You should always do a post-ride and pre-ride bike check. Click here to see how. If while doing your pre ride or post ride inspection of your frame and all its components you see a dent, crack or surface imperfection, please contact your local intense dealer or email or call into our service hotline. you will find this information under the service tab on our home page.
  18. Do you still make Intense BMX Bikes?
    • No, we no longer are apart of the intense brand of BMX bikes.
  19. How much torque should I use to tighten my bolts?
    • The torque settings, as with any high performance machine are very important to reliability and overall performance. The specific torque values are located in the user manual. Or, you can Click Here to see the tech video.
  20. Is there an owner’s manual for my bike model?
    • The user manual for your specific model of intense bike is located in the accessory box shipped with your intense bike or you can download it from the bike manual page on our website.
  21. Where can I demo an Intense bike at?
    • Click here to see a schedule of upcoming demo events.
  22. How do I know it's time to have my bike serviced
    • As a responsible owner of your high performance mountain bike, it is important to stay on your  scheduled maintenance program. Preventing problems from happening should be your number one priority to ensure the best performance, reliability, safety and life out of your Intense mountain bike. For more information on how to maintain your bike properly please check out the tech video here.
  23. What is recommended for seatpost and seat tube care?
    • Intense recommends that the seatpost be installed with a thin coating of waterproof grease. This is something that should be checked, cleaned and re-prepped quarterly.

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